Could This Be The Future Of Golf Swing Mechanics?

Every so often, something truly remarkable comes along that will change a sport forever. In golf, there is a new simple trick or technique just about every day and , if you are a golfer, and have looked online for golf swing lessons or training – you know there are about 10 million different options!

But, every once in a while, someone develops something that is evolutionary in it’s conception. Something that has taken years to develop and perfect and something that is EXACTLY what it says it is.

That something is SwingForm.

This swing method is a remarkable concept that use natural body mechanics to deliver an incredibly consistent and accurate execution of the golf swing on a level previously unseen by any swing method that has preceded it.

The Problem With The PGA-Style Swing Method

For at least the last 50 odd years, the golf swing has remained largely unchanged and while the appearance of Tiger Woods and Bryson De Chambeau that has reignited the interest in big hitters, the swing method they are using is the same.

The PGA-style method has several obvious flaws and the most obvious one is that the majority of golfers on this planet struggle for decades to achieve a consistent level of skill and accuracy in their game.

The current swing method contributes to injury, inconsistency, frustration, personal indictment, ridicule and leads more than 5 million players to quit the game every year.

Under this method, you can practice and get worse!

And here is another glaringly obvious flaw with the existing swing method.

PGA Tour Accuracy Statistics

The PGA releases Accuracy Stats for Fairways hit in regulation (FIR) and Greens hit in regulation (GIR) for the tour players after each event.

You would think that the tour pros have high averages, but the truth is less inspiring!

Based on the PGA tour FIR/GIR stats releases at the time of this post , the TOUR AVERAGE for Fairways hit in regulation is 58,64% and the Greens in Regulation average is 65.23% and this is after the Wells-Fargo Championship and dated May 7th, 2023 – you can see the stats page here.

Some may argue that this is due to a lack of practice or resources to take continuous lessons, buy the latest clubs , get fitted and spend vast amounts of time on the range with a coach to achieve the desired skills – but SwingForm has a different and far more plausible view.

It’s Not The Golfer – It’s The Swing Mechanics Method!

For the last 60 years, the golf swing has remained largely unchanged and every golfer knows that it’s a mystical and complex motion which only a few elite players with talent, time and resources can master, while the rest spend their golfing lives in constant and mostly fruitless pursuit of competence.

Most golfer believe the reason they struggle is because of something they don’t have like natural talent or because they don’t practice enough or do enough coaching?

No one has ever considered that this may not be the reason at all.

What if it’s this very swing method that is the root cause of mass inconsistency?

What if the swing mechanics themselves are fundamentally flawed?

What if there was another simpler, easier and biomechanically friendly method that would allow golfers to achieve single-figure handicap swing consistency in a time frame only dreamed of?

As it turns out- there is.

And it’s coming. Soon.

Clinical Trials Proved Results Beyond Imagination!

In October 2022, SwingForm conducted clinical trials using the following criteria:

  1. All candidates were 14 HI or higher
  2. All training was done online.
  3. Candidates could not play a round during the trials
  4. All candidates had to submit a pre-trial baseline accuracy scorecard before they could do the training.
  5. All candidates had to complete the training programme.
  6. All candidates had to submit signed training scorecards including date and time to show they had completed the exercises and range sessions.

The results were nothing short of spectacular:

SwingForm Trial Results:

  1. Average accuracy improved by a whopping 27%- from a pre-trial accuracy average of 34% to a post-trial average of 62%! That’s single figure accuracy range!
  2. The total average training time was just over 11 hours!
  3. The total number of actual golf balls hit was just 173!
  4. The total average number of training swings was 400 – no golf balls hit.
  5. Average number of days across the 3 trials – 22 days.

Single figure swing accuracy in an average training timeof just 11 hours of training achieved with an average of only 173 actual golf shots hit and in only 22 days?

You better believe it.

This is going to change the golf universe as we know it.

SwingForm Golf will be available from June 2023.

And that’s the Joburg Truth.